Irish lichens

Chrysothrix  candelaris

Order: Arthoniales       Family: Chrysothricaceae

Species: Chrysothrix candelaris

Growth type crustose, leprose.
Photos: On shaded oak trunk. Macroom, Co. Cork, SW Ireland.

Thin, leprose thallus of bright or greenish-yellow, granular soredia that can form large, +/- continuous patches in humid woodland. Apothecia are absent in Britain and Ireland.
Reactions variable, C-, K and KC +/- orange, P +/- orange, UV-

Found in dry, shaded crevices on rough-barked deciduous trees, often on oak. Occasional on vertical, shaded acidic rocks.

Similar: Psilolechia lucida. Shaded rock crevices, headstones

Chrysothrix  candelaris

Chrysothrix  candelaris
Chrysothrix candelaris. October 2009

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